Apr. 01, 2003 Financial Associations Issue Opinion on Launch of Japan Post
Mar. 28, 2003 Loan Market Council Issues Report
Feb. 27, 2003 MOREBANK Website Renewed
Feb. 18, 2003 JBA's Proposal for Housing Loan Market Reform
Feb. 17, 2003 JBA's Request on Payment of National Public Service Personnel
Jan. 16, 2003 Chairman's Comments on the "Medium-term Management Targets and Medium-term Management Plan" of the Postal Public Corporation
Jan. 06, 2003 New Year's Address from Chairman
Dec. 24, 2002 FY2003 Vice Chairmen and Committee Assignments Decided
Dec. 24, 2002 JBA Suspends Discussions on Implementation of Check Truncation
Dec. 20, 2002 JBA's Comments on "Midium-term Management Target and Midium-term Management Plan" of the Postal Public Corporation
Dec. 17, 2002 "Loan Market Council" Established
Nov. 19, 2002 Agreement to Provide Easier Credit at Year End
Nov. 14, 2002 JBA's View on Fundamental Reforms of Postal Savings
Nov. 06, 2002 Findings of Follow-up Study Group on the "Guideline for Multi-Creditor Out-of-Court Workouts"
Oct. 25, 2002 Public Relations Activities for Preventing Excess Borrowing
Oct. 17, 2002 Urgent Tax Reform Request on Profits from Stock Sales
Sep. 24, 2002 JBA's Request for Fiscal 2003 Tax Reform Finalized
Sep. 09, 2002 Chairman's Comments on Final Report of the "Study Group concerning Postal Services' Transformation to a Public Corporation"
Sep. 06, 2002 Chairman's Comment on Report of the "Committee to Discuss the Future of Three Postal Services"
Sep. 05, 2002 Chairman's Comments on "Measures for Ensuring the Stability of the Payment and Settlement Functions of Financial Institutions"

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