About JBA Customer Relations Center

  • The terms "Complaint Processing Procedures" and "Dispute Resolution Procedures" are used in reference to laws and regulations such as the Banking Act.
  • JBA was designated by the Prime Minister as a "Designated Dispute Resolution Organization" under the Banking Act and the Norinchukin Bank Act in September 15, 2010. It then entered into the Basic Contract for Implementation of Dispute Resolution Procedures with all banks under the Banking Act, and the Norinchukin Bank, and it commenced its operations as a designated dispute resolution organization in October 1 of the same year.
  • As a designated dispute resolution organization, JBA engages itself in resolving complaints made by customers and disputes between customers and member banks about their operations from a fair and neutral standpoint.

What is a Designated Dispute Resolution Organization?

  • It is an organization designated by an administrative agency for resolving disputes upon receiving an application from a corporation or organization, which implements complaint processing procedures and dispute resolution procedures, after the corporation or organization has been evaluated as to whether it satisfies certain requirements for designation and whether its operations are neutral and fair (JBA  is designated by the Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries).
  • Dispute resolution organizations are designated for each business category of financial institution (such business categories as specified in the Banking Act, the Norinchukin Bank Act, and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act).
  • A designated dispute resolution organization performs complaint processing procedures and dispute resolution procedures for any matters arising between a customer and a member bank (a financial institution that has concluded a basic contract for implementation of dispute resolution procedures with the designated dispute resolution organization).

Banks covered

JBA welcomes consultation, inquiry, opinions and complaints about member banks and the Norinchukin Bank.

Matters related to financial institutions other than member banks cannot be dealt with.