The Japanese Bankers Association (JBA) is a premier financial organization whose members consist of banks, bank holding companies and bankers associations in Japan. Origin of JBA dates back to 1945, when the organization was formed by the regionally-based bankers associations nationwide. Banks in Japan constituted JBA members indirectly by becoming members of these bankers associations. In 1999, JBA was reorganized to have individual banks as direct members. As of February 1st, 2023, JBA has 114 Full Members (banks), 3 Bank Holding Company Members (bank holding companies), 76 Associate Members (banks & bank holding company), 51 Special Members (regionally-based bankers associations) and 1 Sub-Associate Member for a total of 245 members.
In addition to the Japanese Bankers Association, there exist several other banking associations: The Regional Banks Association of Japan, the Second Association of Regional Banks, and the Trust Companies Association of Japan, each of which work for the common interests particular to its member banks.