Credit Information Bureaus in Japan

(as of March, 2020)

Items\Bureaus Personal Credit Information Center Credit Information Center Corp.(CIC) Japan Credit Information Reference Center Corp.(JICC)
Establishment October 1988 September 1984 June 1986
Umbrella organization Japanese Bankers Association - -
Network nation-wide nation-wide nation-wide
Number of members※ 1,117 institutions 903 institutions 1,337 institutions
Quantity of information registered※ 97.5 million contracts 751.4 million contracts 425.4 million contracts
Number of inquiries
(as of March 2020)
1.05 million 19.7 million 11.9 million
Information retention period 5 years 5 years 5 years
Consumer relation office for disclosures Only by mailing 7 CIC branches Head office and Osaka branch

 ※ As of the end of March 2020.