1. Notification of the information center

In order to notify the public that the center has been established in Japan, informative brochures on the operation of the center are available at the center or branches of the member institutions.

2. Regulations on the filing of personal credit information and the confirmations on the contents

  1. Whenever a member institution reports information to the center, it is required to have the customer's pre-approval about the filing and the utilization of the information. (See Appendix 4)
  2. Information to be filed should be limited to that which is necessary for members to assess their customer's creditworthiness and should be based on objective facts.
  3. In case of the filing of negative information, notification of the filing to the person concerned as well as confirmation of the contents of the information are required.
  4. Filed information will be deleted after the retaining term has expired.

3. Restrictions on utilization and submission of personal credit information

  1. Information is available only to the center, member institutions and the customer concerned.
  2. Any kinds of utilization for other purposes (e.g. business promotion, inquiry of employee's data) are prohibited.
  3. Personal credit information should be used only as a reference. Creditworthiness of a customer concerned should be assessed by each member institution based upon its own judgement.
  4. Members must keep the information confidential and should not disclose the information to others.

4. Strict administration of personal credit information

  1. Information must be kept accurate and updated with the most currently available sources.
  2. Information should be strictly protected from any leakage, loss or tampering.
  3. The staff at the center is required to maintain the secrecy of the information.
  4. Members violating the rules should be penalized.

5. Inquiry by customer (himself) and correction or deletion of the information

  1. One may inquire about his/her own credit infomation registered if he/she applies for the center by mail.
  2. When one inquires about his/her own filed credit information, the center must disclose all information concerning the customer as well as the names of the member institutions which reported the information. The center must also inform the names of member institutions which have utilized the information within the past one year.
  3. When the customer disagrees with information filed at the center, the center will ask the provider of the information to investigate. If differences are found between the filed information and the actual facts, the center must correct or delete the wrong information immediately.
  4. If a member inquires about information which is under the exception procedure, the center must indicate the status on the answersheet.