The JBA has set the following environmental targets to promote the banking community's efforts relating to various environmental issues.

Targets to Mitigate Global Warming

[Carbon neutrality action plan]

  • To reduce power consumption units (power consumption/total floor area) in FY2030 by 19.0% compared with FY2009.

[Long-term targets to mitigate global warming]

  • To promote initiatives for mitigation of global warming consistent with national targets throughout the banking community, in order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Voluntary action plan for establishing a sound material-cycle society

To continue member banks’ efforts to set up organizational structure for the achievement of a sound material-cycle society, and to continue reduction of the volume of waste by facilitating paperless, the JBA set various targets to increase ratio of the below-mentioned.

  • An increase in the paper recycling rate of 90% or more in FY2025. ※
  • An increase in the purchase rate of recycled paper and eco-friendly paper to 75% or more in FY2025. ※
  • An increase in the number of member banks who provide deposit products with paperless passbook to 80% or more in FY2025.

The total of headquarter/head office and system centers, operating centers. In case of eco-friendly paper, papers considering sustainability of forest resources by thinned wood mark or PEFC and/or FSC certification attached. 

Targets related to reduction of plastic wastes

  • To attain by FY2030, a 100% ratio of member banks practicing garbage separation of used PET bottles.
  • To attain by FY2030, a 100% ratio of member banks implementing measures to reduce marine plastic waste, such as cleaning activities.
  • To practice efficient use of resources and to reduce waste throughout the banking community.
  • To actively support, throughout the banking community, companies that engage in activities to reduce plastics wastes that are in line with the government policy.