Dec.21.2004 Self-regulations concerning Protection and Utilization of Personal Information
Dec.20.2004 JBA Agreement concerning Information Provision to Housing Loan Borrowers on Variable Interest Rate Risks
Dec.20.2004 FY2005 Vice Chairmen and Committee Assignments Decided
Nov.29.2004 Reading JBA's Financial Statistics
Nov.24.2004 Agreement to Provide Easier Year-end Credit
Nov.24.2004 Survey on Stolen Passbooks
Nov.09.2004 Chairman's Comments on Sale of Investment Trusts by Japan Post
Oct.22.2004 Comments on IASB Exposure Draft 7 "Financial Instruments: Disclosures" (PDF)
Oct.19.2004 Report of the Study Group on Disclosure in Mergers and Reorganizations of Financial Institutions (Only in Japanese)
Oct.07.2004 Comments on the Exposure Draft of Proposed Amendments to IAS 39 (PDF)
Sep.27.2004 Report by the Study Group on Legal Matters in Banking: "New Phase of Credit and Movables Collateral" (Only in Japanese)
Sep.20.2004 JBA Comments on the Joint Forum Consultative Document "Outsourcing in Financial Services" (PDF)
Sep.10.2004 Chairman's Comments on "Basic Policy on the Privatization of the Japan Post"
Sep.02.2004 Full Text of Resolution by Forum of Private Financial Institutions to Discuss Privatization of Postal Savings
Aug.30.2004 Fiscal 2004 Pamphlet on Emergency Contacts at Banks(Only in Japanese)
Aug.23.2004 JBA Submits Opinion Paper on Administrative Legislation Procedures
Aug.09.2004 Survey on Stolen Passbooks
Jul.29.2004 JBA Releases "Our Views on Privatization of Postal Services"
Jul.22.2004 JBA Submits Request on Defined-Contribution Pension Plans
Jul.21.2004 Report by the First Subgroup of the Study Group on Legal Matters in Banking (Only in Japanese)
Jul.20.2004 JBA Submits Requests concerning the Handling Charge for Direct Debits of National Taxes
Jul.20.2004 Description of JBA's Request for Fiscal 2005 Tax Reform
Jul.13.2004 Comments on the Exposure Draft of Proposed Amendments to the "Fair Value Option" in IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement (PDF)
Jul.02.2004 Opinion Paper on the Proposed Amendments to the IASC Foundation (PDF)
Jun.23.2004 JBA Submits Requests for Fiscal 2005 Housing Loan Corporation Budget
Jun.22.2004 JBA Agreement on the Filing of Damage Reports for Illegal Withdrawals using Counterfeit Cash Cards
Jun.21.2004 Reports by the Study Group on the Financial System Published (only in Japanese)
May.31.2004 JBA's Opinion on "e-Japan Priority Policy Program 2004 (draft)"
Apr.15.2004 New Publication to Explain How to Read Bank Disclosures (written in Japanese)
Apr.09.2004 Results of Survey on Loan Markets
Mar.23.2004 JBA Proposal for Reorganizing Fund Transfer Systems in Japan
Mar.22.2004 New Publications for Junior and Senior-High School Students (written in Japanese)
Feb.23.2004 JBA's Opinion on New Bank Envisaged by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Feb.16.2004 JBA's Opinion on Sale of Investment Trusts by Japan Post
Feb.03.2004 JBA Proposal on Privatization of Postal Services and the Future of Postal Savings
Jan.05.2004 New Year's Address from Chairman