Dec.25.2006 JBA's Publicizing of the New Policy on Money Transfers Exceeding 100,000 Yen
Dec.04.2006 Survey on Trends in the Securitization Market Released
Nov.21.2006 JBA Sets Numerical Targets for Anti-Global Warming Measures
Nov.21.2006 Agreement to Provide Easier Year-end Credit
Nov.15.2006 Publication of Survey Result on Illegal Withdrawals using Counterfeit Cash Cards
Nov.01.2006 Results of "Better Banking Services Survey" Published
Oct.27.2006 Public Relations Activities for Preventing Excessive Borrowing
Oct.26.2006 Study Group on Legal Matters in Banking Publishes FY2005 Reports (only in Japanese)
Oct.23.2006 JBA Conducts "Campaign for Zero Financial Crimes"
Oct.05.2006 MOREBANK Website Updated
Sep.22.2006 JBA Releases Administrative Procedures for Holding e-Stocks as Collateral
Aug.23.2006 Fiscal 2006 Pamphlet on Emergency Contacts at Banks (only in Japanese)
Aug.15.2006 Analysis of Financial Statements of All Banks (Fiscal 2005) Published (only in Japanese)
Aug.07.2006 Results of Survey on Illegal Withdrawals using Counterfeit Cash Cards
Jul.31.2006 Chairman's Comment on Outline of Implementation Plan for Succession of Japan Post Businesses
Jul.21.2006 Study Group on the Financial System Publishes Fiscal 2005 Reports (Only in Japanese)
Jul.19.2006 Request concerning Raising the Handling Charge for Direct Debits of National Taxes
Jul.18.2006 Request concerning Defined-Contribution Pension Plans
Jul.14.2006 Chairman's Comment on BOJ Abandoning the Zero Interest Rate Policy
Jun.26.2006 Opinion on the Draft Cabinet Ordinance for Revising the Enforcement Ordinance of the Postal Privatization Law
Jun.21.2006 Request concerning Fiscal 2007 Housing Loan Corporation Budget Request
Jun.20.2006 Fair Trade Handbook for Banks Revised (only in Japanese)
Jun.19.2006 Internet-based Reference System Launched by the Bankers Library
Jun.07.2006 Chairman's Comment on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
May.26.2006 Chairman's Comment on Enactment of the Law Promoting Administrative Reform
Apr.03.2006 Study Group on the Financial System Publishes Report on Desirable Governmental Budgets and Road Map to Budgetary Reconstruction (only in Japanese)
Mar.22.2006 Revisions to JBA IC Cash Card Specifications
Mar.22.2006 Barrier-free Handbook for Banks Published (only in Japanese)
Feb.21.2006 Publication of Survey on Illegal Withdrawals using Counterfeit Cash Cards
Feb.17.2006 Pamphlet Learning about Bills & Checks with Animals Published (only in Japanese)
Feb.16.2006 Fiscal 2006 JBA TIBOR Reference Banks
Feb.06.2006 JBA Initiates Measure for Housing Loans Provided to Units in Falsified Building Structures
Jan.24.2006 Establishment of the Information Center for Cash Card Compensation
Jan.06.2006 JBA to Conduct Survey on Trends in the Securitization Market
Jan.04.2006 New Year's Address from the Chairman