Dec.20.2005 FY2006 Vice Chairmen and Committee Assignments Decided
Nov.30.2005 JBA Agreement on Counterfeit Building Structure Calculation Form Issue
Nov.29.2005 Chairman's Comment on the "Basic Policy on Policy Finance Reforms"
Nov.22.2005 JBA Revises Code of Conduct
Nov.21.2005 Publication of Survey on Illegal Withdrawals using Counterfeit Cash Cards
Nov.21.2005 Agreement to Provide Easier Year-end Credit
Nov.08.2005 New Video Produced to Prevent Excessive Borrowing
Nov.04.2005 Study Group Releases Findings on Guidelines for Multi-Creditor Out-of-Court Workouts
Oct.28.2005 Public Relations Activities for Preventing Excessive Borrowing
Oct.14.2005 Chairman's Comments on the Enactment of the Postal Privatization Law
Oct.06.2005 JBA Releases Amendments to "Model Terms and Conditions on Cash Cards"
Sep.29.2005 JBA Opinion on the "Interim Report" of the First Subcommittee of the Financial System Council
Sep.14.2005 Fiscal 2005 Pamphlet on Emergency Contacts at Banks (only in Japanese)
Aug.31.2005 Opinion paper concerning "Publicized Draft Standards for Evaluation and Inspection of Internal Control regarding Financial Reports"
Aug.30.2005 Opinion paper concerning "Draft Outline for Revision of Trust Law"
Aug.17.2005 Publication of Survey on Illegal Withdrawals using Counterfeit Cash Cards
Aug.12.2005 Opinion Paper concerning the Council for Social Infrastructure Report
Jul.29.2005 Study Group on the Financial System Publishes FY2004 Reports (Only in Japanese)
Jul.26.2005 JBA Submits Requests on Increase in Handling Charge for Direct Debits of National Taxes
Jul.20.2005 JBA Submits Request on Defined-Contribution Pension Plans
Jul.01.2005 Opinion on the draft "Cabinet Ordinance for Amending Enforcement Rules of the Insurance Business Law"
Jun.22.2005 JBA Submits Request concerning fiscal 2006 Housing Loan Corporation budget request
Jun.15.2005 Opinion concerning draft "Inspection Evaluation System"
Jun.13.2005 Opinion concerning the draft "Comprehensive supervisory guidance for financial futures trading firms"
Jun.10.2005 Opinion concerning the draft "Policy on reviewing the operations and system of the social insurance program"
May.27.2005 JBA Opinion on Draft Guidelines for Supervising Financial Conglomerates
May.27.2005 Comments on "The Application of Basel II to Trading Activities and the Treatment of Double Default Effects"(PDF)
May.24.2005 Publication of Survey on Illegal Withdrawals using Counterfeit Cash Cards
May.23.2005 JBA Opinion on Interim Plan for Modernizing the Private International Law
May.20.2005 IBFed News Release regarding JBA membership
May.02.2005 JBA Issues Opinion on Financial Futures
Apr.01.2005 JBA Places Ad concerning Personal Information Protection in Newspapers
Mar.31.2005 Partial Amendment to Q&A on "Guidelines for Multi-Credit Out-of-Court Workouts"
Mar.24.2005 PC Game "My Dreams and Banks" Produced
Mar.15.2005 JBA Publishes Two New Pamphlets (only in Japanese)
Mar.01.2005 Study Group on the Financial System Publishes Report on "Desirable Government Policy Finance Reform"
Feb.25.2005 FY2005 JBA TIBOR Reference Banks
Feb.22.2005 Guidelines on Personal Data Protection
Feb.22.2005 Survey on Stolen Passbooks
Feb.15.2005 JBA Comments on "Discussion Points for Reviewing the Banking Agency System"
Jan.25.2005 JBA Board Agrees on Cash Card Counterfeiting Countermeasures
Jan.04.2005 New Year's Address from the Chairman