Dec.20.2007 Chairman’s Comment on the Plan for Strengthening the Competitiveness of Japan’s Financial and Capital Markets
Dec.17.2007 Opinion on Application for Approval of New Businesses by Japan Post Bank
Dec.16.2007 Opinion on Independent Administrative Organization Reforms
Nov.21.2007 Results of Survey on Illegal Withdrawals using Counterfeit Cash Cards
Nov.19.2007 Agreement to Provide Easier Year-end Credit
Oct.23.2007 Q&A on Stock Collateral Relating to Dematerialization of Stock Certificates Released
Oct.21.2007 JBA Opinion on Deliberation of the Japan Post Bank’s Liberalization of Fund Operations
Sep.30.2007 On the Start of Japan Post Bank
Sep.27.2007 JBA Renovates its Website
Sep.09.2007 On the Approval of the Implementation Plan for Succession of Japan Post Businesses
Sep.05.2007 Fiscal 2007 Pamphlet on Emergency Contacts at Banks (Only in Japanese)
Aug.14.2007 Analysis of Financial Statements of All Banks (Fiscal 2006) Published (Only in Japanese)
Jul.24.2007 JBA Submits Request on Handling Charges for Direct Debits of National Taxes
Jul.23.2007 JBA Agreement for Strengthening Efforts to Eliminate Racketeering
Jul.23.2007 JBA Establishes Task Force to Promote “Team - 6%”
Jul.22.2007 Study Group on the Financial System Publishes Fiscal 2006 Reports
Jul.12.2007 Publication of Results on Survey for Loans less Dependent on Personal Guarantees
Jul.05.2007 Banks to Cooperate with Customers Questions about Pension Payments
Jun.24.2007 JBA Submits Request for Improving JHFA’s Operations
May.20.2007 JBA Submits Opinion on Draft Cabinet/Ministerial Ordinances concerning the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
Apr.26.2007 Chairman's Comments on the Implementation Plan for Succession of Japan Post Businesses
Apr.24.2007 Study Group on the Claim Law concerning Banking Transactions Publishes Report
Apr.15.2007 First JBA CSR Report Issued
Mar.29.2007 JBA Submits Opinions to the Postal Services Privatization Committee Again
Mar.19.2007 "Key Matters when Concluding Contracts with Consumers" Amended
Mar.07.2007 New Financial Education Video "Document Eye: THE BANK; Reports on the functions of banks and points of caution in banking transactions" Produced
Mar.01.2007 Study Group on the Financial System Publishes Report on "Ideal Taxation of Future Financial Income in Japan"
Feb.20.2007 Survey Result on Compliance with the Anti-monopoly Law in the Banking Industry
Jan.30.2007 JBA Submits Opinions on the View of the Postal Services Privatization Committee
Jan.04.2007 New Year's Address from the Chairman